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Default What's going on?!

I was looking through my photos on here (only 48 so far, no time to railfan ) and some, especially if it's sunny out has this dark area on the corner of the image, it can be anywhere, not just left bottom, right top, etc. It's not dust, I clean the sensor at least every 3 trips I take. What could this be?

Top Left corner
Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 249506
Photograph © Ben Sutton

Both Corners
Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 245254
Photograph © Ben Sutton

Right Corner
Image © Ben Sutton
PhotoID: 245251
Photograph © Ben Sutton

I'm using a crap $150 Quantaray 55-200mm lens on my XTi. I think that's more than likely the problem here. I'm going to have to go out and use my kit lens, which is ok and then the nifty fifty, see if it does it with any of those. After my new PC purchase closer to Xmas, new glass IS in order.

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