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Originally Posted by jdirelan87
Hold on here a second.... you people are saying NEFs from newer Nikon cameras are not supported on CS2? Does this include the D300?
You would have to go though the list of Photoshop plug-ins to find the one that includes the D300 and see what versions of Photoshop it is compatible with. The D300 is a small bit older than the D90, so the result might be different, but the update for the D90 raw was not compatible with CS2, and if I remember correctly it was not even compatible with the newer CS3. Adobe seems to abandon older versions of software rather quickly, which was my point in my original post.

Regarding Capture One:

Originally Posted by Cinderpath
I believe that is for the Pro version, (not necessary) I believe the regular version is $99.
You are right about the lower price. Now the question is whether they are still updating the version that will run on my OS 10.3.9. I have an email into them that hasn't yet been answered.
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