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Originally Posted by na4m
A solution for this is to use the (free) Adobe DNG converter.
Can you show how this allows me to open a Nikon D90 raw file in Photoshop CS2, not to mention some of the more recent PSE versions that Adobe no longer provides support for.

Adobe DNG appears to be a reasonable attempt to establish a standard, but as Michael pointed out, at least two of the major camera manufacturers have not signed on.

The underlying issue seems to be who will bear the cost of file translation and compatibility as operating systems and applications are constantly changed. Adobe DNG appears to be an attempt by Adobe to get others to do the work. Obviously Nikon and Canon feel they have enough clout to get Adobe and others to do the work. And this is just part of the problem, since the application folks are faced with adapting programs to be compatible with constantly changing operating systems.

Consumers clearly benefit from the technological advancements, but at some point we consumers need to exert some influence over how much cost we are willing to bear for all this.
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