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I had to do some searching, but I eventually found what I posted. Here's an updated version since I've added/changed a thing or two since I first posted:

- Convert the RAW (.CR2 file) to DNG (from the free Adobe converter). Why? Because Adobe won't support the 40D in CS2.
- Open the DNG file in Adobe Camera RAW
- Be sure I set the color space to sRGB (the default is Adobe RGB) and change the depth to 16 bits per channel.
- Then I'll go to the Detail tab and bring the Color Noise Reduction slider from its default value of 25 down to zero.
- Then I'll go to the Curve tab and change Tone Curve to Linear (the default on mine is Medium Contrast).
- Then I go back to the Adjust tab and get rid of all the Auto-adjusted values (not once have I seen the Auto option come anywhere close to getting the image right). I'll set the Contrast to +10 and the Shadows to 7. I leave Saturation at 0 and then I'll tinker with Brightness and Exposure to get the image properly exposed. Very rarely will I adjust White Balance as it's usually pretty close, and besides, the first step I do after messing with the RAW file is getting rid of color cast anyway (see link below on how do to this).
- The last thing I do with the RAW image is to go to the Calibrate tab. I will increase the saturation values for the reds, greens, and blues. Typically red will be +7-20, green will be +7-20, and blue usually comes out to be +20-30.
- Then I save as a TIF and open in CS2 to finish processing (color cast removal, leveling, messing with the sky, sharpening, resizing, sharpen again, convert to 8-bit, save as JPG).

The color cast removal technique I use on the TIF in CS2 can be found here:

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