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Originally Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) View Post
Aha!!! Finally, an example worthy of putting me in my place on this subject!

I'll still pass and take my mistake as a lesson.


I kinda feel this way too. I suppose that some day, I'll have the time and the inclination to do all of the tinkering that the RAW crowd does. Til then, I'll take my lumps with LF JPEGs. If I shoot them properly in the first place, there's very little difference in the image quality for most practical purposes....and I have lots more space on my memory cards and my hard drive than the RAW guys do.

Seriously, AB has an important point. Shooting JPEGs forces the photographer to become a good judge of exposures and to do a thorough job of planning shots. Speaking for myself as a relative newcomer to the hobby, I think the "lumps" that AB speaks of are a necessary part of getting better at this. You quickly learn that there is a penalty for not getting it right.

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