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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Seriously, AB has an important point. Shooting JPEGs forces the photographer to become a good judge of exposures and to do a thorough job of planning shots. Speaking for myself as a relative newcomer to the hobby, I think the "lumps" that AB speaks of are a necessary part of getting better at this. You quickly learn that there is a penalty for not getting it right.
Hmmm..... looks like somebody is really grasping for straws here. Thats like saying we shouldn't use all these fancy medical technologies and medicines because it allows people to have unhealthy life styles

Seriously though, its extremely hard (aka, just short of impossible) to make a serious case why NOT to shoot RAW, on the same level as why shoot a Point and Shoot over SLR. If you are serious about your photography and not shooting RAW format, you're (excuse the pun) shooting yourself in the foot. Even on here the only really arguments JPEG shooters have are "I'm too lazy to change." Maybe the only argument that has any legs is "I don't have enough hard drive space or a fast enough computer," but with technology so dirt cheap today even that is pushing it.

I have met only one 'professional' photographer who shoots only JPEG and that was on school yearbook shots where he knew the biggest print would be 8x10. His reasoning was he was too lazy to convert them later and no parent would notice anyway.
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