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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'm also recognizing the fact that there are folks here who get great results without shooting RAW and when they do that, I know I'm not looking at a botched exposure that they "fixed in Photoshop".
Hi Kevin

While to some extent you can fix a badly exposed RAW image because RAW files contain enough data to vary the exposure by around an F stop over or under (more than that and you begin to run into noise issues), its not always possible.

Where RAW really wins out over JPG is when you need to adjust specific areas of a shot to bring out detail in the shadows or tone down highlights to reveal the detail they contain. In a JPG, these details are probably gone, destroyed by the compression algorithm, but in a RAW file, they are there, just waiting for some careful processing to make them visible.

I won't preach that RAW is the only way to go. As you say, plenty of people upload good JPG based pictures, but once you've tried shooting RAW, you won't go back.

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