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Originally Posted by Chris Z View Post
My point is that I used HDR and mulitple exposures to correct an imbalanced exposure so that it looks right and the way that I remembered seeing it with my eyes. The lighting set up did funny things to skew the original exposures. Is correcting exposure over manipulation?
..according to RP guidelines and Mr. Ween (and others), yes this is beyond the allowed minor tweaks. Do I personally feel it is wrong, no, but alas my feelings and others are not the rule.

And yes, my digital camera does multiple exposures on one image. But is that any different than making separate images and putting them together later?
Yes. They are totally different methods, one requires 'you' to digitally manipulate (combining) the images with a PP program while apparently with your camera it does not and does it in camera. An interesting question for sure to RP.
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