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Originally Posted by TedG View Post
Do you keep a UV filter "permanently" mounted to protect your lens' outer element?
I used to. Over the years, I think I have purchased a UV filter for just about every lens I own. It's not so much to protect the front element from impact, but more because over time, cleaning the front element gradually erodes the coatings, and I'd rather do that to a $50 filter than to a $2,000 lens. That said, over time, I have found that the disadvantages outweigh any advantages, so in most case, I shoot all of my workhorse lenses "naked" these days. In my bag, I have a filter case that holds one 77mm UV filter and one 77mm Circular Polarizer, both of which I very rarely use. That's it.

Originally Posted by TedG View Post
Or do you feel the extra layer of glass adversely affects the results achieved with your highly-engineered lens?
In a word, YES. Having an extra layer of glass often causes flares and ghosting, especially when I am shooting into the light. If there are point sources of light in the frame, a filter almost always makes the effect worse.

I'm just as careful as I can be. When I am done shooting, I always cap my lenses and I NEVER put them down on the ground....EVER. I discover that most people are not nearly as careful, so perhaps for them, the filter is good insurance. My main fear is video guys on charters. Many of them are prone to walking around with fully extended tripods, holding the very top near their body and swinging the long legs back and forth behind them, often with zero regard for the safety of others. Those guys are going to put someone's eye out, or smack someone's expensive lens. When I carry a fully extended tripod (which is rare outside of a night photo session), I carry it vertically, not sticking out 6 feet behind me.

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