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I use UV filters, in analog times skylight filters on all my lens. Flares i can see only in rare cases of backlight. In this cases you can remove the filter, also if you need the last grain of Light. I also agree that cheap filters cause more irritations than good filters. I was glad to have an uv filter as protection on the lens when the lens cover removed in the bag and finally the filter was scratched. 90€ versus 1200€ for the lens. it happend early in the Weekend (such always happens when your are on a longer trip or looking forward to shooting abroad), could go on and bought a new filter following week. If you need the lens to be repaired you miss it at least two weeks. Another reason, if you get dirt or a fingerprint on the filter you can remove it faster than cleaning it, and do this later. A Train won't stop until you've cleaned your lens. Would like to hear the result from your Tests.
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