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I wonder if it had anything to do with the last round of 165 mph speed trials in September /October. From what I heard, and due to a complete lack of information via Amtrak - seems running the trains at 160 mph as hoped may not actually be easily done as hoped.

It would appear the set got close to topping out while attempting to beat out the old US record holder, the UA Turbo Train from the late 1960's which holds the current record for a production built train set at 170.8 set in 1967. I doubt Amtrak wants to run the sets at maximum speed once the track and catenary upgrades are made.

Not sure what all the talk about replacing is about - likely will supplement, or at least, I would hope, put the current fleet which should have a good 15 years left on them into service elsewhere - like NYC /Harrisburg.

I suppose the IRM could run them on excursion, otherwise, lol.

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