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Originally Posted by jac_murphy View Post
I figured out what it is (at least, in my view) makes the Sprinters look a little bizarre - the headlights!
Amazing - that does seem to make a world of difference, albeit, a small world at that. Seems Amtrak /Siemens only foray into exuberance was wasted - should've spent the "extra" money elsewhere.

If the AEM-7's were "Toasters", these are "Butter Sticks". At least the E-60's were lean and mean - American looking had lines other then up, down and across.

I may have to get a copy of "diesels for dummies" and learn to shoot freight trains. Or wait out the next Acela which will NOT be in anyway similar to a "RailJet". Likely it will be similar to every other high speed train in Europe, though fortunately, it will have it's appeal. Thank goodness independent design survives with character in Japan.


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