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Originally Posted by Sean Mathews View Post
For an onslaught of 611 photos. Some even from myself. Lerro has their shoots this weekend. I hopped on one of the evening shoots but $700 was just to much for the night shoots.
It will be interesting to see how this goes. Technically, these are not Lerro Charters, but rather, Strasburg/VMT charters in which Pete has been hired to organize the photography part of it. The railroad schedule is entirely up to the railroad. My biggest concern will be the Saturday afternoon session, because the railroad still intends to run its full schedule of regular trains....meaning we have to pass the tourist train every 30 minutes. THAT could get interesting.

I concur on the night shoot. Only a couple of friends opted for that. I don’t personally think that any night shoot is worth that kind of money, only because the time is limited, the weather is a huge question, and even with 35 people, contention for the “sweet spot” would always be an issue. With that kind of entry price, expectations on the part of the patrons would be high. Again, it is worth noting that the price was set by the railroad and the VMT.

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