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I guess I am interested with what they come up with, and weather cooperated.
Never know what will strike me but this caught my eye or several reasons.

1) I like the layers, colors and size perspective
2) there is the Amish photo thing, not sure if that is the still the case, but no faces. Anyway all kinds of photos at rail locations.
3) click bait is the reddish golden in a classic look(not the red head girl?). I can remember mine sitting like that looking at me, bet someone is saying, stay, stay. I read online comments they are just like the bigger lighter version, not what I found. Some things mine liked, rolling in dead animals, chasing and pinning smaller dogs, overall aggressive, eating a full loaf of Cinnamon Bread left under seat of car without ripping bag etc etc but still......


Image © Doug Boudrow
PhotoID: 712254
Photograph © Doug Boudrow

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