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Haha, some of us Auburn railfans joked about rushing over to get pictures tomorrow, but we are all in the midst of finals around here. Someone will probably get it... there are a lot of railfans in this state!

Just so you guys know, since I'm from Alabama and keep pretty close track of the rail operations in the state, this rocket fuel train used to run on the former L&N (NO&M Sub) from New Orleans toward Mobile and Pensacola and on to its destination. The derailment took place on the Meridian & Bigbee (M&B), which has some very light rail and is known for less than stellar track conditions; CSX and KCS have been using the line as a bridge route between Meridian and Montgomery, so it has seen its share of six axle power and big trains, but still, maintenance is not what it should be for a mainline operation. I have no clue how long the rocket train has been running on the M&B, but I'm sure it's been sometime since Hurricane Katrina's devastating effects on the NO&M. This means the rocket train has been running to Meridian somehow, getting on the M&B to Montgomery, and then running down CSX's M&M Sub to Flomaton, where it can get back on its original routing east.

Anyway, I was shocked to see this train turned over on the M&B. I would never have imagined they would run such an important load over that line.

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