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I really like CS2 and would keep it as long as you can find a platform to run it on. You may be lucky to have a PC version which probably runs on XP.

The real value of CS2 is if you are scanning old slides, and need a LOT of color adjustment. CS2 is really overkill for digital images from a good camera.

I use PSE 6 on my Mac laptop, and I think PSE 6 for Mac and PSE 7 for PC are about equivalent. In my experience PSE 6/7 are more than enough to do anything you are likely to want to do with a digital original.

Given Adobe's track record of short lived support for expensive software, I would tend to steer clear of a new version of anything expensive from them. I have the same problem with my Epson printer. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy another Epson printer.

Looking at your equipment, with regard to archiving images you might want to look into some kind of twin hard drives with soft wear that creates duplicate backups, so that is one hard drive goes out you are not up the creek. Some operating systems have the software, and some hard drive configurations offer it. I have never had a hard drive fail (knock on wood), but I hear horror stories all the time, so it does happen.
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