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I wish they were a bit more clement with new RPers about the appeal thing. When I was new here, I used to think that appeal was a way to tell the screeners that I thought they rejected me on wrongful grounds. It's not -- but then again, I'm not sure what it is exactly, and have never fully understood the appeal feature. All I know is that you can't use it for every rejection, or they will pull the plug on you. I don't use it anymore unless fellow RPers suggest me to.

The first one actually has some sunlight shining... it's a pretty soft wintry light, but it looks good to me. My only complaint is cropping. I like that frozen brushery along the track, so perhaps you could try bringing the train up in the frame and showing more of that (if you can).

I like the second one as well but I understand the rejection. RP generally frowns upon the foggy wedgie. Perhaps try a different angle next time. A broadside shot would probably be nice in that open, frozen field.
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