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Originally Posted by Northern Limits
Thanks for the directions. I'll take a look around PS.
On this particular photo it was quite peculiar.
Every time I would open it in PS and it looked just fine. However, when I saved it the resulting picture would look much darker in the My Pictures display (which is what got sent to RP). Can't figure that one out.
That is just the opposite of what happens to me. Quite often when I upload a pic to the web, whether it be RP or photobucket or whatever, the image viewed online looks a bit washed out compared to how it looks when viewed in photoshop. In fact, if I download a picture from the web and open it in photoshop, it looks MUCH richer in PS than how I see it on the web. I don't quite understand that and no one seems to have a logical answer as to why that happens. I see it like that on both of my computers, so I know it's not just an isolated thing on one computer & monitor.

Quite often when I upload a pic, after seeing it on the web, I have to go back to photoshop and darken it a little so it doesn't look so washed out. Kind of annoyance, but it's something I've gotten used to.
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