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Originally Posted by asis80 View Post
From the grammar god himself:

lol you de-friended me? I always knew you had the mind of a child but this takes the cake. I have to admit, I'm somewhat sad. Whenever I was having a rough day, I could just look at your profile and your retarded numerous updates. I mean seriously, you have absolutely no redeeming qualities; you're fat, you're dumb, you're poor, you're stuck in a dead end job. Lol, its almost unbelievable! Your pathetic life was always good for a cheer up.

-John Ireland

Thanks man, made my day. You are the best.

1) At least I'm willing to tell you what I think about you to your face instead of talking behind the back, unlike you.

2) At least I have the sense of mind to keep our personal feud off the forums.

3) You are fat, you are dumb, you are poor, you are stuck in a dead end job.

4) God has a capital 'G.'
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