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Hi Peter,

I am assuming that you are talking about outputting a file for an upload to

With Lightroom.....other folks with more expertise, please feel free to correct WILL need to export a JPEG with the appropriate dimensions and filesize. You will also likely need to resharpen that resized file.

JRMDC and I had this discussion a while back. The way I believe that Lightroom works is as follows. Lightroom uses the basic raw file (or JPEG, if that's what you have) and builds a sidecar file of adjustments. As you add adjustments, that sidecar file grows. Lightroom displays for you the effect of your adjustments, but does not alter the original camera file. Only when you EXPORT a file, does Lightroom actually use the adjustments to create a copy of the original with the adjustments actually applied. The beauty of Lightroom is that you never have to SAVE anything and you can always go back and delete adjustments you've made without going back to square one.

So.... If you want to upload a file to RP, you will need to make your adjustments, then EXPORT a JPEG file with appropriate dimensions (like 1024x682) and filesize (1MB max). I export it to Windows Folder that I call "RP Images". Rather than re-importing those files to Lightroom, applying an extra sharpening pass and exporting them again for upload to RP, I just use another program to sharpen the original resized JPEG. I use PSE, because it takes only a few seconds.

There may be a way to do things more efficiently, but what I am doing does work....and....knock on wood....I am not having issues with undersharpened/soft rejections.

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