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Originally Posted by wds View Post
I'm firmly in your camp there Bob. I took one look at this and thought it was exactly what *night* looks like to me, but this is RP and they like all their dusk/night/dawn shots to be way lighter in appearance than reality. It's something that's stuck in my craw since day one and I blame it all on that Link feller and his ilk with their unnatural way of depicting things at night way back when. Ohh, I know I'm stepping on some tender toes here but I don't really care. I believe night is dark (except for midsummer in Polar regions) and is should be depicted that way. Unfortunately Link and all the sheep who followed along bleating happily is his footsteps are in the majority here, so you know what you've gotta do!
I am sympathetic to the argument, but I also know that in urbanized areas dark is not at all dark, skies are very dark gray and not black, and sometimes the gray isn't that dark. City light brightens the sky, to a notable extent even when there are no clouds.

My kids have absolutely no clue what the milky way is all about.

My first issue with the shot is the color. I know aritificial light is not white but boy, that snow looks awful, looks like someone took a B/W and intentionally added an unattractive shade of sepia.
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