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Hi Daniel,

This is a tough call. I understand that there may be significance to the equipment depicted in this photo, and I understand that there have been lots of "rare view" or "rare angle" photos shown on RP in the past, but in order to get past the screeners, a "technical image" like this one also has to LOOK INTERESTING. It has to be an attention-grabber. Unfortunately, in this case, unless someone knows this equipment and understands the significance of the image, it just looks like the end of an uncoupled baggage car. Now, if it were grossly damaged, such as might be the case after a violent collision, THAT would be an attention-grabber and might have gotten in. Having a pretty girl in a bikini, sitting on the coupler would not have hurt either.

Here's the deal.... RP isn't necessarily a public repository for technically significant images. It's an entertainment site and the screeners are looking for entertaining or view-grabbing images. If a technical image looks like a view-grabber, it gets in. If not, it gets the boot. In the 2-3 seconds the screener had to evaluate this one, he didn't see that kind of value in it.

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