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Try this page at Lexmark it has all the utilities, drivers, etc for the X83 with Windows XP, if your running something else you'll have to repeat the search. There should be a program in your computer, assuming you used the CD that came with the X83 which will let you choose the scanning resolution along with a bunch of other tweaks; check that first, then go to, which is a good idea anyway. Few people realize that printer, scanner, etc companies often update, patch, and upgrade their drivers at least once in a product's lifespan, often resulting in greatly improved performance - it's a free upgrade. I have an X85, very similar, and a great all in one device that makes fairly nice scans, especially in B&W, but it is a budget all in one device meaning you are using a thirty dollar scanner and you'll never get anything real sharp - never. It's not meant to produce a high quality photographic reproduction, it's a home office device. If you value your pictures and have invested any money in your hobby, you may want to look into a dedicated flat bed scanner. However, using the software that came with the device should improve your scanning results dramatically. I got a Canon 5000F and the difference in the scan quality was enormous, though I like Lexmark's default grayscale better. There are many great scanners out there to choose from and they aren't very expensive anymore. Do some research: or or are all good places to start.
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