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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Wow - 403 photos posted all at once! Your route was much easier then my route, via RP.

Too bad about the weather. Though it's my kind of luck, I can't be blamed as I wasn't out chasing. Still, looked like an enjoyable experience and met up with a lot of folks along the way. I am still wondering how a New Jersey native so effectively covered the PA and NY routing - were the E's moving along like they typically do when they head to Altoona?

Certainly a few gems in there to make it worth the trip. Reminds me of my 3 day overcast trip to Iowa, only my "drive" was shorter, lol.

Thanks for the link.

It's a lot of shots because I was tired of getting yelled at for not showing what I shoot on trips.

In all seriousness, a few people took my information during the weekend wanting to see photos and this is a lot easier than editing what I think are the best few, which would end up being close to 100 anyway.

I think I'm in the minority here but I didn't mind the weather. When you shoot for sun on cloudy days it isn't too bad as is evident with the Andover Pond shot(s). And the heavy rain at Hornell added a little variety and hid the dreaded "high sun" everyone fears for some reason.

The Es were doing track speed all weekend. We were fairly familiar with the Southern Tier (Port Jervis to Binghamton) so we had preplanned our locations based on a higher speed than they actually did. We managed to get a few "oh look, everyone is stopped here, might as well" shots also. West of Binghamton, we had a few spots in mind from 2008's NS OCS chase and were in contact with Brian Plant who is more familiar with the hidden "must have spots" than we are. He helped us the next day as well except where we knew from magazines and RP where we wanted to be. After the train arrived Meadville, we scouted the WNYP Oil City Branch from Meadville to Franklin for the next morning which paid off big, I think. Once they were on NS from Meadville, we were basically blind and just made it a point to get into Greenville before they did. When they continued to Youngstown, we got into Pittsburgh to do some exploring and cool our heels for a little while. Obviously, the next day from Pittsburgh to Duncannon is very familiar territory and work zones helped us get a little extra.
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