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Default One of the country's oldest shortlines ceasing operations

The Manufacturers Railway in St. Louis, MO, wholly owned by Anheuser-Busch, has petitioned the Surface Transportation Board to cease operations. Link to the filing:

The railroad dates back to 1887. One of the first things I wondered after Belgian brewing giant InBev bought A-B was how long the MRS would last. I guess now we know...

I had a great visit there about 5 years ago. They were very friendly in allowing photography of the operation. One of the women in the office even went so far as to chase me down when I was heading out to give me a copy of a book highlighting 100 years of operation of the railroad, which was produced in 1987. It was in remarkable shape, like it had never been touched.

Though it has not yet been announced who, a contract switching operator will serve the plant, so at least rail service will continue.
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