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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I don't think Nikos' original shot has "GREAT" light, in any way. "Acceptable" is viewpoint different than mine but sensible. "GREAT"? To quote from earlier in this thread, "really"??

I find it too harsh, the redo a bit better, certainly not in the league of mine in terms of harshness, but my original reaction to it was "nice place - shoot over". One can certainly say that for mine, more so than his to be sure, and I do wish I could get up there to do so.

Aside from all that, "GREAT"? Really?
Yes, really.

6pm sun in the middle of May is harsh?

Again, the lighting in his shot is GREAT. Look at the nose of the doesn't get much better than that.

His exposure & processing, on the other hand...

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
The light in J's shot is worse, but let's not make it out that Niko's shot is really great light.
6pm sunlight is not great any more?
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