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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
I think you guys are confusing his exposure and processing with the actual lighting at the time. Two hours before sunset (or after sunrise) is a GREAT time of the day to shoot when it's sunny.
All I have to go on is what I see, in particular before someone chimes in on a forum and tells me the time of day. I fully concede that it was Charles and not I that recognized the possibility of an alternate explanation, bad processing. The original was too harsh for my tastes (the follow-up only slightly improved, I would have made a stronger adjustment).

And perhaps I use superlatives differently than you do. If you are talking about light conditions that occur each and every day that is sunny, twice a day, well, I can't call that GREAT. Something like GREAT in all caps to me indicates special, unusual, particularly good. Not this situation.

But then I have a vague recollection that while you mind the Ps and Qs of grammar and like to go out of your way to ding someone on simple typos/misspellings, you are not that big into precise word usage. Could be wrong, maybe I'm thinking of someone else.
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