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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
That's how it is down here. The arc of the sun is more pronounced down here.

Also, we have had green stuff growing for a few months.

I'm going to agree with Troy on this one... right now in California (the southern part, we are not as far south as Florida (we'll, we're never as far south as Florida, mind you) and the high sun monster pretty much means that I can shoot good light from about sunrise until about 9:30 AM... the other side of the day, I can start shooting good light again at about 4:30, but more so about 5PM.

When I was in Ohio a couple weeks back, I definetely had a full hour more in the morning and afternoon of good light. That may have been both because I was deeper into the eastern time zone (further west into it) and further north, but there was more time that I was not in the ugly high-sun period.
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