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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
I'm going to agree with Troy on this one... right now in California (the southern part, we are not as far south as Florida (we'll, we're never as far south as Florida, mind you) and the high sun monster pretty much means that I can shoot good light from about sunrise until about 9:30 AM... the other side of the day, I can start shooting good light again at about 4:30, but more so about 5PM.
Charles, the last time I was in California in the middle of May, sunrise wasn't at 7:30 am and sunset wasn't at 6:30 pm (5:52 and 7:47 to be exact on May 14). Do you follow what I'm saying?

This is all about the lighting two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset (when Nikos' shot was taken). You are contradicting my earlier posts by disagreeing with me and then saying it's "good light" until 3.5 hours after sunrise. So, in your world, it's NOT good light two hours after sunrise but it's good light 3.5 hours after sunrise (based on a 6am sunrise in LA on May 14)???
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