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Your increase in contrast is subtle - clicking back and forth between the two versions, I can see the difference, but not at first glance. I'd be curious to see what this would do with a notable change in contrast.

But the bigger issue is a) the dark train and b) the absence of shadows throughout the frame, which is feeding into the lack of contrast. The light is flat, cloudy-overcast light. The image reeks of "blah" and I suspect a generous increase in contrast wont help much. There is only so much one can do with a contrast adjustment if the underlying image tonality doesn't have much variation. I don't see RP going for this one.

You could try BW - in cases like that a darker train sticks out against a mid-tone background. It would take some work; the proper channel mix is not obvious to me, given that the yellow on the engines is also seen to some extent in the foliage on the hillside. I have to wonder if interesting tonal separation is possible.

Prospects look bleak, sorry to say.
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