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Originally Posted by spacetrain1983 View Post
Well, as it happens I am going to Salt Lake City this weekend, and hopefully I can get some nicely lit UTA, Amtrak, Utah Railway, and UP shots.
When you're there, I advise you follow these guidelines:

1. Get to a location at least a few minutes ahead of the train. That way you will have time to assess the location and move on if it isn't good.

2. Look through the viewfinder and decide before the train arrives on a composition that will satisfy the rule of thirds. If the location doesn't work, move on to a different location.

3. If the shadow that your body casts is not pointing directly at the spot where the lead locomotive will be when the train arrives, it is the wrong time of day to be at that location. Again, move to a different location.

If you keep these in mind, you should come home with some images that will not need to be "force-fit" into the RP database. As Kevin said above, post them here for comments before trying to upload, as the screeners have limited patience for repeated bad submissions.
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