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Default A few rejections worth persuing?

A few pics I am finally getting around to processing from the May 611 trips...

I need to say I realize these shots arent perfect, maybe not even that great. But considering subject matter, I would think they would give some leeway with the "rules".

The foreground clutter rejection is pretty weak. The location is fairly unique, no shots from here are on. So maybe they are rejecting them all?

This one is puzzling:
I looked in the photobase, and found they accepted exactly 5 shots from Vicker this year. 4 of the 5 are virtually identical, from the same location, same angle. One is from a similar location, but a different angle. My photo is from a completely different angle, different side of the tracks, closeup shot..

Meanwhile, they accepted 50,000 literally identical shots taken from Blue Ridge, Webster and Villamont...

Yeah, this one is backlit... but deserving of being in? I dont know...
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