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I would like to thanks everyone for the help. My personal thought was I didn't like the way the streak came out. The other ones I took came out fine with the streaks. Now to try and answer your points.
Jim, thanks for the input. I did forget to level the picture, and I can see the point about not having a good description.
Noct, thanks
Shortline, I agree about the streaks. I'm not sure what happened as it went around the corner.
Lyod, Have no issues with the rejection, it's nice to know what it means.
Getting higher is not an option here, but I understand why.
Troy I have a carbon tripod and it could be stronger. I have and older Aluminum one that i may try next time.
Miningcamper, thank you for the idea of changing the rr to Metro North Hudson Line
Again I would like to thank everyone and hopefully the next one will be better>
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