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Originally Posted by John West View Post
This is what a Flickr site is for.
Yeah, I tend to not get too caught up when a photo gets rejected anymore. I don't submit too much anymore on here, simply because I get so much more satisfaction out of Flickr, I don't have to compete with people who peddle their photos on Facebook to 31 different groups all in the quest of "views", even though their photo is not any better, sometimes, worse than some photos that, in my opinion, deserve much more love than they get. On Flickr, I don't have to worry about that, everything is given a fair shake, and the front page style viewing where you can see whats new and follow those that you want has become much more appealing. Flickr is what YOU make it. But, playing devil's advocate with myself, this is a site run by Chris x 2, and their rules apply. We choose to play by them when we submit, but, we still reserve the right to question the human aspect since they depend on ad revenue from clicks on our photos. I do have to credit RP with helping me get some exposure, it's great for that, and spending time on here has made me a better photographer, so I am not going to bash it. However, I cannot control a declining interest in wanting to post, and, I suppose Flickr could turn into that as well, but, for now, Flickr is my personal preference, leaving RP to post only what I believe to be my better photos.

This photo was just rejected a few minutes ago:

It's the first photo that I have had rejected in a while, I can't remember the last rejection I had. I strongly disagree with their interpretation on my cropping, which leaves me 2 choices: Fix it and resubmit, or, walk away. I'm walking away, they don't want it as is, that's fine, their loss. That is why I submitted it to my Flickr first, and here second.
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