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Originally Posted by nikos1 View Post
The rules arn't about cool. The GEVO shots are boring but they meet all the standards. The lighting in both your shots is absolutely horrendous, unless this is the one time you shot all year I cannot fathom why you would want to upload these here, I wouldn't even put them on my Flickr.
In both of my shots, the light is sufficient that no detail is lost, the B&W one, yeah, it's side lit, but to me that helps pronounce the smoke trail.

And not that it does matter, but I took zero shots in 2015 and really with the exception of one other time in 2016, this was it. But that really does not influence my decision to post this.

I fully agree with the screeners, apples and oranges comparison. No hypocrisy here.

The first shot I called out has NO nose light. The second one has partial (less than half) nose light and really distracting shadows.

These would normally get the shot rejected and are against standards. So I do not understand where you are coming from.

I don't even upload here anymore
Then why are you even posting in the forum?
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