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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
Look at his accepted photos, his last 15 are of 611, all from that same weekend. The idea of RP is quality over quantity, not every spot you go to is going to be a great one and not every photo is going to be good, just let these go, Troy...
I already admitted that this was the last time I went out and shot trains. And it's insulting that you think I just submitted every shot I took...

I've been here a little longer than you and this isn't my first rodeo, i'm also just guessing that my life dynamics are a little more complicated than yours. So I don't have time to go out and take pictures of trains (or anything else for that matter) all the time.

I don't buy the "reroute trains" excuse BS either. At this point, a GEVO is a GEVO, it doesn't matter what color it's painted. And accepting sub-par shots of a GE widecab, of which there are tens of thousands out there running around, which you can shoot every day of the year, versus accepting a shot of one of a handful of operable superpower steam locomotives, which runn a handful of DAYS a year, makes no sense at all.

It's cool if they want to reject my photos, but be consistent about it.

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