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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
At this point, a GEVO is a GEVO, it doesn't matter what color it's painted. And accepting sub-par shots of a GE widecab, of which there are tens of thousands out there running around, which you can shoot every day of the year, versus accepting a shot of one of a handful of operable superpower steam locomotives, which runn a handful of DAYS a year, makes no sense at all.
For better or worse, apparently some viewers of this place apparently don't agree that a GEVO is a GEVO. And I suspect a growing number of viewers couldn't care less about superpower steam. I looked through your 611 posts and you have a lot of really nice images. Of course I'm one of those folks who like superpower steam. But I also found it interesting that at least in my view some of the your images that did get accepted are not as good as the ones that were rejected. So perhaps you should be grateful for small favors, and learn to accept that inconsistency is a fact of life here. And like Ron said, we do this for FUN.
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