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Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek View Post
You're right, I don't know your life situation, it's a bummer you don't get to go out like I know you want to, that's not cool. I certainly hope things get better for you so you can get out, I have the luxury to be able to while I work and have a fortunate schedule, so I do sympathize with you there.

But, I know you have been here longer than me, so if anything, you should know a hell of a lot better than your angry posts seem to let on, so I will not sympathize with you on this. If you don't like how the site is run, and if you believe no one is listening, then stop submitting, pure and simple, stop. Stop giving them ad revenue clicks for your work. Stop fighting what you believe will never change, stop beating the dead horse and get a flickr, you will garner a following and be able to upload what you want and choose what you want to see, that seems like it will give you more satisfaction than here, especially since it seems you have such disdain for management here.

By yelling on here about subjective screening calls about how they favor one submitter and how they are against you, you are the guy who buys $125 tickets to a baseball game and spends the entire game bitching about every questionable ball or strike by yelling at the umpire loudly, all while paying $8 for a small beer every other inning. It's not gonna change anything with the ump, you're ruining the experience for everyone around you who paid for their tickets, and the team is still making money regardless of what the outcome is.

Remember what Ron Flanary said: "It's just a hobby."
This response right here deserves to be the post of the year.
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