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The general rules for visiting the Brooklyn Roundhouse is that the roundhouse is located on private property owned by the UP and if you chose to enter the property, you do run the risk of being "removed" by the UP police.

Though if you do make it to the roundhouse and behave yourself, ask a volunteer if it's fine to look around, you don't leave the roundhouse and wonder off into the yard you'll usually be fine. If there is no one around, I'd suggest getting your ass out of there as you are basically asking for trouble, with last year's break-in and theft of material from the roundhouse.

As to the 4449, like I said, it's nothing but a false rumor.

While there is the threat of having to leave Brooklyn Yard within the next few years, it's the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation's (ORHF) goal to have something in place before it's time to move out of Brooklyn Yard.

I also wouldn't say that the future of the 4449 and other equipment is too uncertain. Temporary structures could be built or equipment be temporarily moved to another location in the Portland area and not be moved out of state like some other people seem to think is going to happen.

The future move from Brooklyn Yard is effecting everyone, not just the steam locomotives. While I'd like to begin the main phase of the restoration of the SDP40F at some point soon. But unfortunately it probably won't happen until other matters are resolved and some other projects are completed. Including the future move.

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