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Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
.....The mass migration of the "good" photographers over to Flickr is because their ego can't take that a few of their shots they thought were great were rejected from this site because the screener on this site didn't think it fit what the site was going for.
That is not my observation after talking to a few of the "biggies" who gave up on RP.

One big complaint was that RP didn't give them any leeway regarding image quality on pictures taken 20 or more years ago.

The feeling was that the scans of slides, or prints was only going to be so good, because the photographic media of the day was limited.

Consequently, RP robbed us of viewing some really fantastic historical treasures, simply because they were "grainy" or cropped wrong.

Another complaint was the piddly rejections based on someone's subjective view of what a train photo was supposed to look like.

For instance - the blanket rejection for dark side images and back lighting.

Finally, it came down to the amount of time that said individuals felt they were putting in to get images accepted - it just was not worth it.

Perhaps it was ego, but it seems to me through talking with them and my own experience, that it just takes too much time to fiddle around with stuff to get it posted.

(I don't even fill out the captions anymore unless the photo is accepted.)

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
Here's a thought: Since when do ALL your good shots HAVE to be on RP? Or if they aren't, you're taking your ball and going to Flickr?
Why continue to waste time?

I don't know about you, but I am not going to be here all that long, and perhaps there are other pursuits that would make a better use of my time.

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
Why deny uploading the RP acceptable one because the borderline ones aren't making it?
Because what makes it on any given day is a crap shoot and there are some good reruns of All in the Family on cable.

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
in the very next breath, they'll say that they use RP for researching photo trips.
Nope, never done that.

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
That annoys me. You'll use my shots to research trips and find great angles, but you won't chip in a small handful of shots per year to contribute?
You realize that over 90% of the people that look at your photos on this site don't post anything at all?

If you don't believe me, look at the people who have favorited your photos, most of them have not posted at all.

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
Why not throw up a couple shots? Think of the photographers that left. What if each one of them posted 1 shot per month. Just one. Doesn't have to be this revolutionary, boundary pushing shot. There would be a noticeable increase in image quality in the daily uploads.
Sunny day wedgies for the most part look the same, whether shot by someone like Ron (50 years under his belt) or the kid next door with a point and shoot.

Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
I wonder if a group of people would like this site and want to improve it to the point that they would contribute money to buy the site and pay to make upgrades to it to really make it great?
I can see it now - "RP bought out by the DV Investment & Aquasitions LLC, of Sand Patch Penn."

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