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Originally Posted by ken45 View Post
Considering that the common thread that brings us all together is that we all take pictures of choo choo trains, it is amazing the egos you encounter in this hobby. I know this because I have a huge one. The thing with egos, is they cause you to completely lose perspective on things. The mass migration of the "good" photographers over to Flickr is because their ego can't take that a few of their shots they thought were great were rejected from this site because the screener on this site didn't think it fit what the site was going for. Here's a thought: Since when do ALL your good shots HAVE to be on RP? Or if they aren't, you're taking your ball and going to Flickr? You know the standards. You know what shots fit and which ones toe the line. If the borderline one gets rejected, so what? Post it to Flickr. Why deny uploading the RP acceptable one because the borderline ones aren't making it?

The thing that really amazes me is after badmouthing RP, in the very next breath, they'll say that they use RP for researching photo trips. That annoys me. You'll use my shots to research trips and find great angles, but you won't chip in a small handful of shots per year to contribute? I met a photographer once who went off on RP, and yet seemed to have good knowledge of a great number of shots I'd posted there. Why not throw up a couple shots? Think of the photographers that left. What if each one of them posted 1 shot per month. Just one. Doesn't have to be this revolutionary, boundary pushing shot. There would be a noticeable increase in image quality in the daily uploads.
Ego may be part of it, but seeing as the reason many of us post is just to share with friends and other people who might find the shots interesting, why go to the trouble to uploading shots, filling out caption and info only for it to be rejected several times where I can go to Flickr and upload as many as I want? I can screen myself better than the inconsistent screeners at RP can. The inconsistency has gotten absurd, example from today: out of focus, grainy, poor image quality, cloudy common. Accepted
Image © Ant Davis
PhotoID: 478429
Photograph © Ant Davis

Distracting shadows, bad comp, obstructing objects, Accepted
Image © Mike Pierry, Jr.
PhotoID: 478333
Photograph © Mike Pierry, Jr.

Cloudy, overexposed, bad contast, but ermagherd hurtage. Accepted:
Image © Josh Cleary
PhotoID: 478396
Photograph © Josh Cleary

Last time I bothered uploading to RP....
Bad Comp
Bad Crop
None of these I would consider borderline (maybe the glint shot)

I dont owe RP anymore than I do google for their maps, RP is just another tool among many to find photo locations. Kind of hard to chip in when you are given two slots a day and even those arnt guaranteed to be accepted.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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