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I have heard nothing of SBVR losing its major customer, Pilgrim's Pride, at Moorefield, WV. PP did file for bankruptcy protection last year, and has emerged from Chapter 11 protection as of 12/28/09. It also appears that they have been bought out by JBS of Greeley, CO. But searches for any reductions or closure of Moorefield came up empty.

The SBVR typically runs M-F, with an on duty time of 0700 at Moorefield. However, the train does not start at Moorefield necessarily, only the crew. The train is left at Green Spring or Moorefield on alternating days. So, if you are around Green Spring, WV over the weekend and see the SBVR power sitting on their line just south of town, you can expect they'll be moving south probably between 0800-0900 to allow for time for the crew to drive to the train from Moorefield. They will run south to Moorefield, work Pilgrims and then tie up for the day. Tuesday would find them running from Moorefield to Green Spring, then back south Wednesday, and so on.

They have scant few customers other than Pilgrim's Pride. There is a plastics producer at the south end of the line in Petersburg that gets some covered hoppers, and possibly an odd carload customer or two in Moorefield. This line would be virtually non-existent without the feed mill.

However, in some recent news from the WV Rail Authority (state operator of the SBVR), they did say they were building a spur into a business park in Romney, which would be great news for some more business other than the plant. They also stated that SBVR would be getting a "new" locomotive at a cost of $369,000. While likely not brand new, that must be one heck of a rebuild, as a fully rebuilt GP38-3 with microprocessor control could be had for about $250K last time I checked. We'll see what comes out there.
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