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Found these around the net. The fancy ones look pretty good.

I have the Op-tech. It's cheap! However, I think all these covers will work best when you don't change lenses and always have the camera on a tripod.

Hanging the camera around my neck in the Op-Tech exposed the camera's rear and bottom to rain.

I was shooting CN 3254 in Moscow and it was pouring. I had the camera round my neck. It was OK I thought, some water, I was trusting the cover and the camera sealing. Guess what? I'm pressing the shutter, and nothing happens. I look at the LCD and there was the dreaded "Error 99" code. The camera refused to fire and I was done for the day.

By the next day, it dried out and has worked fine ever since.

So I like the Op-Tech. It's cheap and I can always have it in the bag, no problem in case I need it.

However, I will just use it on a tripod myself.

One good trick is a having a cloth inside your jacket (cloth diapers work great-no kidding!) to wipe the camera dry.

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