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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Walter,

Is that 7D weatherproof? I know that some of the higher end Nikons (D300 and above) claim to be MORE weatherproof than what I carry, although the lenses I use are the same as what a lot of D300 owners use, so not sure they have that much advantage.

I'm with Dennis. I use the Op-Tech rain covers. They are very inexpensive....I think two for six or seven bucks....and they can be used over and over as long as you're not too rough with them. I like them better than the Storm Jackets, because the back isn't wide open on them. All of them are klutzy in my opinion, but there are those days when things are just too wet to chance it. If it is not raining too hard, I will skip the cover and just zip my rain jacket over the camera until I am ready to shoot.

WRT lens hoods, I find that the tulip hoods used on the mega-zooms aren't much good in the rain. The cut-aways to prevent vignetting at the wide angle settings don't offer much protection. On those days, as long as I'm not really close to the tracks, I'll ditch my 18-200mm VR and go with a 55-200mm VR instead. It has a solid hood and offers a ton more rain protection.

WRT camera bags, that's more problematic. Most of them are water resistant, but not waterproof. They are OK in a light rain or drizzle, but useless in a downpour. I am currently shopping for a bigger camera bag to use on trips and have discovered that while many of the better Lowepro bags come with real rain covers, those covers prevent access to the bag. They have one model which does open with the rain cover on, but that model is not great on accessory storage. Ordinarily, you won't catch me deliberately railfanning in the rain. Sometimes on trips and charters however, I have no choice. (It always rains on charters....right? ) In those cases, I'm on the train most of the time and I will use just one body and one lens (with the Op-Tech cover) most of the day.
I think the word is weather resistant. No DSLR can claim to be weather proof. Yes the 7D is more weather proof than most cameras and is probably around the same as the D300, but it is still not up to the Canon 1D series or Nikon D3 series standards. The L lenses I use are also weather resistant
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