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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
WRT camera bags, that's more problematic. I am currently shopping for a bigger camera bag to use on trips and have discovered that while many of the better Lowepro bags come with real rain covers, those covers prevent access to the bag. They have one model which does open with the rain cover on, but that model is not great on accessory storage.
This year I switched to Think Tank bags. They have outstanding quality and the best design approach I think of any camera bag manufacturer on the planet. This is said by someone that has spent his career forever looking for the perfect bag.

I currently use a StreetWalker Pro as a backpack and 4 other TT bags that go on a belt. The bags all have separate rain covers for weatherproofing. Yes, it is awkward to use the covers, but let me tell you, when I got caught in a cloud burst in Owosso last summer, the covers were a godsend!

Any solution is compromise simply because working in the elements is difficult. So if you come away with just one great shot, then all the hassle, (and there will be hassle,) is worth it.

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