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Just imagine how you would think or react if someone fired off a flash in your face whilst driving your car along the road.
Obviously, the author has never had this happen to him because IMO its the equivalent of someone turning on a light in the adjacent room as you look at it. You notice it but its not going to blind you.

I've been to three concerts in the past 2 weeks where there are tons of people taking pictures of themselves, their friends and the performs on all sides and from all distances with the flash going off constantly. Yes, the ones closer than 15 feet are annoying but if I'm not looking right at it, it won't blind me. How is that not the same thing? The train crew may glance at the photographer and then back ahead of them and don't know there is flash equipment setup. If they are watching the rails ahead and not staring into one of the lights, which I highly doubt they can focus on depending on speed, are less then 15 feet from where they are sitting, or are in the middle of the rails, then there shouldn't be an effect.

Of course, the lighting at the location also plays a role but I still don't think it would be "highly irresponsible and place the train crew in danger."
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