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Originally Posted by khalucha View Post
Out here is Phoenix they (first it was Scottsdale then the State took them over) have "Photo-Radar" on the state and inter-state highways.
Wow - thanks for the heads up. Remind me to take the back roads while I'm in FL and keep your children off the street! Funny thing is when I rented a car in London those flashes followed me everywhere - I couldn't figure out what they were. Fortunately they didn't follow me home.

As for flash photography for trains at night - I would imagine it's like flash photography at a concert or night club. Distracting, not typically dangerous and just a part of the job. It would be safer if it was outlawed. It would also be safer if camera flashes were illegal and after dark curfews were in effect in the US. That means my own personal opinion is that it should not be illegal but perhaps frowned upon without permission in advance. Regarding permission in advance - aside from Gary Knapp who has BECOME known in his locale, I truly doubt everyone is getting permission. First, who do you ask and more to the point, how often would anyone in the US, maybe even the world at this point, accept a liability that they do not have to outside of your local and friendly neighborhood shortline?

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