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Originally Posted by khalucha View Post
"consider the practice of setting off a powerful flash at an approaching train"

Key word "Powerful Flash". They are not talking about a speed light.

Out here is Phoenix they (first it was Scottsdale then the State took them over) have "Photo-Radar" on the state and inter-state highways. They are about 15 feet off the road but when it goes off at night time it will blind you for a few seconds. I never received a ticket by one but if you are traveling down the road and some one in one of the lanes next to you is going 11 over the limit you get "flashed" along with the other 3 or 4 lanes of traffic. When you do, you think that lighting just stuck next to you. Where I-10 passes in front of Sky Harbor Int. Airport they actually had to go out and place red filters over the strobe lights. The pilots were confusing the lights for the beginning of the runway.
Yes, but that is in the name of safety, so it's ok. Setting off flashes at a train is dangerous since the engineer has to steer the train, but it's safe to blind a motorist... especially one that is speeding.

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