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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
There's at least one speed camera in Washington DC. on Connecticut Avenue... it's the oddest experience... everyone's sailing along at 40 to 50 MPH, then they reach the camera zone and slow down to 25 MPH. Once through it, everyone hits the gas again.
No different really than old fashioned speed traps. There's one in Cleveland on I71 where everyone's cruising out of town and suddenly slows down quite a bit and then a mile later speeds right back up because one little 'burb decided to make the highway an important revenue generator for themselves.

Here in Toledo they installed "red light" cameras and then later made them speed enabled also. I've heard (but haven't seen the data to back it up) that while they do cut down on more severe accidents (T-bones from running red lights) they increase the number of less severe accidents (rear-enders from changed behavior at the intersection like slamming on brakes, etc. to avoid speeding or blowing the light).

Back on topic, ask a dozen RR crews and you'll probably get a dozen different answers ranging from "I hate it, it's a problem, don't do it" to "who cares, it's not an issue". It's uncommon enough that from what I've seen posted online by crews the lean is more towards the "who cares" side but I bet that'd change if they were getting blasted with flashes all the time. To that extent the cost and difficulty will probably keep most of the average "foamers" from taking up night photography though. Even for me, while I like seeing the results I'm not real keen on spending all the money, time & effort to go do it myself at this point.

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