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Default Not very good with trips...

This isn't much, but wanted to participate on the topic...

Saturday, July 23, I drove to Hardin, MT, a small town 50 miles SE from Billings where I live, and spotted a bridge over the tracks on the way there. There was a train already making it's way toward Hardin, so I visited the bridge on the way back. I saw a good photo op, and decided to go there the next day...

Sunday- I make my way to the bridge, just 1/2 a mile from the interstate, 12 miles before Hardin. I set up my tripod and waited for a *southbound on the Casper sub. I sat in my car with the tunes on, myself covered in OFF spray to avoid insect bites. So much for the insect repellant... I was constantly being bombarded by flies! I had arrived at 8:30am, and the first train was a *yardbound (west), passing through at 10:20am, pulling flats of used ties, and ballast hoppers.

See pics below for the following trains:

10:50am - An eastbound coal train makes an appearance, leading with BNSF 9206 (SD60M), EMDX 9033 (SD60), and BNSF 9272 (SD60M).

11:35am - Another eastbound coal train, leading with BNSF 9273 (SD60M), BNSF 9215 (SD60M), EMDX (Oakway) 9042 (SD60), and BNSF 8226 (SD75M).

12:10pm - A *yardbound (west) mixed freight train, leading with BNSF 819 (C40-8W), BNSF 8200 (SD75M), and BNSF 9241 (SD60M).

All I wanted was ONE shot of a southbound heading into the sun, and I got four trains coming out of the sun! Though I didn't get a worthwhile photo, I really enjoyed the plethora of big EMD power, rumbling by at less than 25 Mph.

*If you're wondering;

From the Laurel yard, trains manifest in all directions.

South vs. Westbound? - Jones junction, located near Huntley, MT directs rail traffic from the west, to east and south, and from south to east and vice versa.

The attached photos are screenshots from mpeg's taken from my camera.
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